Jacqueline Mallorca, Gluten Free Expert
Jacqueline MallorcaJacqueline Mallorca

My love affair with good food got its start in Scottish and South African boarding schools, where the cuisine was abysmal. Haggis, anyone? Or leathery stewed prunes? I was sure that food didn't have to be so awful, and happily, later travels in Europe proved my hunch was correct.

After settling in San Francisco, I fell into a food-related career by creating the original Williams-Sonoma catalogs for cooks, establishing their unique voice, and was James Beard's West Coast editorial assistant for several years. and also wrote articles for the San Francisco Chronicle food pages.

In addition, I wrote or co-authored several cookbooks, including The Olive Harvest Cookbook with chef Gerald Gass of McEvoy Ranch; two volumes, Cooking Basics and Breads, for the Williams-Sonoma Kitchen Library; Convection Cuisine with White House master chef Ren Verdon; and La Nouvelle Pâtisseie, with pastry chef Jean-Yves Duperret.

Then I discovered that I was a food writer with celiac disease. The result was The Wheat-Free Cook, followed two years later by Gluten-Free Italian. Next, in late 2010, came a cutting-edge iPhone app with recipes and photos, The Gluten-Free Kitchen with Jacqueline Mallorca.It provides help right where it's needed most: first at the supermarket, and then in the kitchen. I also co-authored a book about finding the the best garbage disposal - it was a little different, but fun none the less. And yes, another gluten-free cookbook is now simmering on the back burner!

Pine Nut Cookies