Jacqueline Mallorca, Gluten Free Expert

“The true merit of The Wheat-Free Cook lies in its accessibility and broad appeal.”

— The Washington Post

“More than a decade ago, the food writer and former editorial assistant to culinary legend James Beard discovered she was gluten-intolerant. But rather than focus on what she couldn’t eat, Mallorca got to work and became an expert in gluten-free cooking. And the recipes in The Wheat-Free Cook show it.”

— Associated Press

“Many of Italy’s best-loved foods contain wheat flour, so they have been off limits for the gluten intolerant. Mallorca tackles this problem head on and transformed and lightened traditional recipes for fresh pasta, rustic breads and desserts so that they are delicious but also wheat free.”

— Sara Moulton of “Good Morning America”

“From breakfast to dinner, the veteran food writer and Chronicle Food Section contributor draws a delicious road map”

— The San Francisco Chronicle

From Amazon.com reviewers of The Wheat-Free Cook:

“The bread recipes are worth the price of the book alone! Anyone who doesn't eat wheat knows how dense and un-flavorful these alternative breads taste. I couldn't believe how delicious my long loaf of 'Quick Flaxseed and Chickpea Baguette' bread came out!"

— Baazumi (New York, NY)

“I like that it's written by a seasoned food writer who just recently had to eliminate wheat, which sets it a world apart from life-long wheat-free cookbook authors who can't remember or don't know what really good pastry/crêpes/etc taste like.

— R. Arant Jr. (Seattle, WA)

“Tiramisu is something to enjoy again! … I love Italian food, but even when you use gluten-free pasta, some of the sauces are off limits. Now I can enjoy classic Italian favorites at home.”

— J. Opolski (Richmond, VA)